This Hookie Co Ducati Scrambler Icon 800 comes with a handful of special upgrades, like a new tail unit, aluminum side covers, mounting plate for the tail unit, integrated LED lights, a Brakelight, an Alcantara seat, and to top it all off, a limited Hookie Ducati fuel tank design.

Other highlights include Kellerman Atto Signals on the front and rear, plus a 3D printed bracket on the front. You also get a Hookie license plate, a Motogadget m.view mirrors, LSL adjustable clutch, and a brake lever. Tires come courtesy of Pirelli, specifically, MT60 on stock rims.

The Hookie Co Ducati Scrambler Icon 800 draws inspiration from, if you can believe it, magpies. These birds are native to temperate regions in Asia, Europe, and North America. Magpies are members of the crow family, and they’re some of the most intelligent animals in the world, birds or otherwise. They’re so clever, in fact, that they can recognize themselves in front of a mirror.

We’re not sure what about the Hookie Co Ducati Scrambler Icon 800 screams magpie, but perhaps it’s the styling. The all-black profile resembles the svelte, supple body of the black bird, then rounds out the whole look with a splash of white. Just like a magpie.

This custom build takes everything great about the donor bike and improves upon it through refinement and some really clean new details. We’ve already listed the numerous upgrades up top, each more impressive than the last. The best part is if you like this build, you can order a similar one, or make your own by picking up the parts from Hookie.


Photos courtesy of Hookie