Norway is home to some of the most gorgeous landscapes on this planet. But if you’re on a vacation there, chances are you’ll at some point tire of marveling at the sights and would want to retreat somewhere nice and cozy.

Forget the five-star hotels. They’re fancy and offer luxurious lodging, yes. But a hotel isn’t home away from home. The Hooded Cabin might be, though.

This quaint space is not your run-of-the-mill vacation house. Firstly, it’s perched on a mountaintop. Second, it’s got a pretty interesting architectural profile. Because of the region, the architects who designed the Hooded Cabin faced a number of limitations. Among them sectioned windows, standing wood paneling, and gabled roofs slanted at certain angles.

Even with such austere requirements, the architects were able to make do. While the space is boxed within the confines of strict regulation, it still manages to be beautiful. The exterior an ore pine roof, giving an almost modern-mythical feel.

The hood-shaped cabin features cladding laid in an angled pattern, which makes for stark geometric contrast against the black timber facade. Overall, the vibe of the dwelling is contemporary, but never removed from its surroundings.

Inside, you’ll find a warm oak lining set against vast views of the scenery courtesy of the space’s massive glazed windows. The main living space is strategically kept up front to take full advantage of these windows. The bedrooms are cinched further back. There are sliding doors that open out to a wooden terrace with a view of the river down below.


Photos courtesy of Marte Garmann and Arkitektærelset