Those who have paid close attention to Honda rides down the years will tell you that the Honda CX500 is known as a bit of a dog. Hardly someone´s go to bike when looking for beauty; the CX500 could easily become a forgotten horse. However, in the hands of custom design shop Nozem Amsterdam the CX500 is reborn as a raging hotty. Yes, this is a true ugly duckling tale and what´s more incredible is the fact this bike was made by two graphic designers. So, let´s get down to the nitty gritty.

The tail is in fantastic synergy with the tank, while the unique floating like design of the seat gives the CX500 a slick new twist. Dainty custom built brake lights add even more character to a tail end that is only matched by the sleek design and easy coloring of the tank and front end. The guys at Nozem have kept the engine stock, aside from cleaning and tuning it to modern standards. via