It’s hard to make a bike look good from every angle – especially if it’s an ugly-ass 1981 CX500 – but this build has accomplished that. Gone is the ‘plastic maggot’, replaced by one of the most elegant custom bikes we’ve ever laid eyes on: the Honda CX500 by PopBang Classics.

“Paint it green, and put the biggest tires possible on it”, were the only instructions the client gave to Justin Holmes of the aforementioned Australian custom shop (actually, a one-man show). So the expert in vintage motorcycles got to work, determined to stay true to his philosophy of keeping it simple, classic and classy. The bike now sports a Norton-shape fuel tank in Jaguar Racing Green, a new Chromoly rear frame, a custom-made brass and aluminum taillight, a completely overhauled V-twin finished off with brass nuts & stainless badges, and 18 x 2.75 Excel rims with polished brass nipples, wearing Firestone’s chunky Deluxe Champion pattern tires. Other fine details include a Motogadget Mini speedo, countersunk LEDs, leather grips by Brooks England, a brown-waxed leather seat, vintage headlight with brass ring and mount, & more cool brass highlights elsewhere.

What’s best, this CX500 is more than a beautifully finished bike, it also rides like a dream, “and loves to cruise at high speed. It’s quite nimble for its size, and super-light”, says Justin. Excellent work, sir! via

Honda CX500 by PopBang Classics 2

Honda CX500 by PopBang Classics 4

Honda CX500 by PopBang Classics 5

Honda CX500 by PopBang Classics 6

Honda CX500 by PopBang Classics 3

Honda CX500 by PopBang Classics 7

Honda CX500 by PopBang Classics 9