Brewing your own booze at home is a satisfying experience and there are plenty of awesome kits you can buy today that make the whole process a breeze. If you’re ready to take things one step further though, these Homebrewing Whiskey Barrels ($115) will add and pronounce flavors in your concoction, whether it’s beer, wine, cider, spirits, mead, kombucha, tea, dragon tears or whatever it is you’re cooking.

Sourced from Balcones’ distillery in Waco, Texas, the 5 gallon American Oak barrels are aged with award winning whiskey for a minimum of 6 months. They’ve been recently dumped & are ready to be filled with homebrew, won’t over-oak your infusions like new casks, and can be used multiple times for clean fermentation, with proper care. Each barrel comes with a stand and rubber bung, so you can properly display it in your home bar/man cave.

Homebrewing Whiskey Barrel 1

Homebrewing Whiskey Barrels 2