If you ask us, we will rather have a drink with a friend than alone. Although the image of a gentleman sipping on wine or whiskey solo may seem cool, we believe beverages taste better when shared. High Camp knows, which is why they have the Firelight 750 Flask for us to take along camping or more.

Outdoor enthusiasts know that time spent around a fire pit is a perfect activity to end the day. You can have a meal, swap stories, and maybe pour some alcohol to help warm up a bit. Meanwhile, most hardcore adventurers we know also love to get a buzz after a day of fun.

As the name implies the Firelight 750 Flask can hold up to 750 ml of your preferred drink. Furthermore, it comes with two 6-shooter tumblers that cover the top and bottom. These are crafted just right to fit and match the body. The insulated container is made out of food-grade stainless steel.

It features a wide mouth with does not require a funnel to pour in whatever you want. Pouring the contents out is likewise convenient thanks to the No-Drip-Lip system. Never worry about leaks as the silicone seal of the plug cap keeps everything in. Plus, you won’t find any plastic here.

When it’s time to break out the booze or beverage, just remove the two tumblers. No need to unscrew as magnets hold these securely in place. The double-wall insulation means you can enjoy a hot drink without burning your hand. High Camp offers the Firelight 750 Flask in three colorways: Silver, copper, and gunmetal.

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Images courtesy of High Camp