Frank Gehry has been labeled as ‘the most important architect of our age’ for his groundbreaking design work in such edifices as the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. So it was with honor and awe that Dan Brunn Architecture took on the task of refurbishing and updating this Gehry-designed home and display gallery of the visual artist who lives here.

Project Hide Out is located in the Osaka neighborhood of Los Angeles, California and takes on the Japanese style with its wooden box volume that provides open meditation space while framing the enclosed garden space. A massive skylight helps provide unfettered daylight into the nearly gutted first-floor display gallery and studio.

The minimalist design extends even to the small multipurpose room revealed by a floor-to-ceiling pivoting wall. The heavy handcrafted walnut staircase that leads up to the second-floor bedrooms anchors this otherwise airily open structure and offers a contrast to the play of light across the muted wood tones.