The Treehouse Villa tucked within the scenic Grün Resort Uluwatu in Bali, Indonesia is the latest project completed by Stilt Studios. It comprises seven sustainable luxurious units harmoniously integrated into the lush forest backdrop. 

The two-story units offer modern yet eco-conscious comforts through its sustainable construction. The team utilized responsibly-sourced prefabricated building elements and materials, primarily wood for carbon storage. The studio also teamed up with Ecollabo to include recycled plastic elements shaped into artistic marbled motifs in the bathroom. Likewise, using prefabrication minimizes waste and environmental impact as its simplifies the construction process. 

As for the layout, the Treehouse Villa stand on stilts and a wooden staircase on the side takes guests to a 64 square-meter open-plan layout on the ground floor that hosts the living, dining, and kitchen spaces. This area ensures a seamless indoor and outdoor flow to maximize natural lighting and ventilation. Stilt Studios also included pieces of wood furniture to contribute to the villa’s aesthetics and enhance its welcoming and cozy atmosphere.

Meanwhile, interior finishings draw inspiration from the natural surroundings with the inclusion of earthy tones like teak wood, banana paper, and woven rattan. Frans Sihombing, Stilt Studios’ Lead Interior Designer, says “these materials are then enriched with local decorative elements, creating a warm and distinctly Indonesian ambiance, reminiscent of the comfort of home.”

Adding to the warm and welcoming ambience of the Treehouse Villa are the wooden flooring and ceiling, with the latter beautifully blending with the sloping rooflines to cocoon guests in comfort. The open-plan layout on the ground floor extends to the 40 square meter second floor which hosts a bed, a lounging area that doubles as a work space, and a separate bathroom. The studio also included a 24 square meter balcony where guests can lounge in couches and enjoy the natural panoramic forest and ocean views.

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Images courtesy of Indra Wiras/Stilt Studios