Take off-grid living to deeper heights with the Hi Sea Floating Hotel. This is a personal oasis located 500 meters from the coastline in the sea area of Fujian’s Dongshan Island.

This floating island lies surrounded by a great expanse of sea and docked by 16 metal anchors to ensure it stays strong and can withstand hurricanes. The construction of this luxurious hotel considers natural factors. Thus, there is rigorous consideration in choosing materials that address buoyancy, hurricanes, ocean currents, and monsoons. The roof uses corrosion-resistant and acid-resistant decorative materials commonly used in airport terminals and yachts.

Meanwhile, the outdoor deck uses weather-resistant flooring with a similar texture to solid wood. The flooring is environmentally friendly and fire-resistant. Connected cables from the seabed, on the other hand, provide the building its power supply.

The Hi Sea Floating Hotel features 500 square meters of space and hosts a living room, a kitchen, and three guest rooms. Paneled glass windows and doors provide an uninterrupted panoramic view of the sea. They also allow for natural light to flow in and create an amazing play between light and shadows.

Meanwhile, an expansive deck extends the interior living spaces to a spa, circular lounge area, and ocean vistas. This property boasts both modern and contemporary interior design. Its wood floors, ceilings, and furniture pieces create an elegant blend with the abstract furnishings.

The Hi Sea Floating Hotel only allows a limited number of guests to maintain the serenity it provides. Guests can reach the property via boats and kayaks which can dock next to the building.

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Images courtesy of Balance Design