As smart technology progresses, we are seeing even more unlikely candidates get a high-tech treatment. These days, almost anything inside our home can interface with various devices. Moreover, a lot of these gadgets also come with voice assistants built-in for hands-free control. What we have here is something that you don’t usually find in the catalog for smart-enabled items. The Hi Interiors HiBed will give you a bunch of reasons to just stay in bed longer. It’s perfect for people who love to relax at home during their free time.

To begin with, its primary function is to give users a restful sleep with its plush memory foam mattress. With that out of the way, let’s find out what makes this bed so special. This is actually a second-generation model from Hi Interiors. Its first foray into the market was the HiCan, which is still the flagship smart bed with more features and functions. The HiBed, on the other hand, is more compact but still manages to integrate a lot of what makes its predecessor so great.

Built-in sensors into the frame track your sleep and other biometrics to give you a detailed overview. Furthermore, it can monitor the user’s body weight, air quality, temperature, and noise level, which gives you an insight into your wellbeing. At the foot is a projector screen for entertainment, while a lighting fixture overhead helps with reading. Integrated speakers are available for music and can wake you up with the latest weather, calendar, and news report. Additional lighting on each side of the Hi Interiors HiBed softly illuminates the floor when the lights are off.

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Images courtesy of Hi Interiors