The likelihood of a sleep-related disaster happening because you’re sharing a bed is always higher than that of having a good night’s sleep. Especially if you or your partner tends to hog most of the space like it’s no big deal.

Ford comes to the rescue. The carmaker knows that to keep the negative vibes at bay, one needs to have a good night’s rest. So, it created the Lane-Keeping Bed to prevent your bed-hogging partner from taking over your side of the bed.

Ford’s Lane-Keeping Aid vehicle technology, which monitors road markings to coax the driver back into the proper lane, served as the inspiration. The Lane-Keeping Bed has built-in pressure sensors to determine whether or not someone has crossed their side of the bed. If so, the bed pulls the violator back to their respective area using an integrated conveyor belt.

Still a prototype for now, the Lane-Keeping Bed is part of the Ford Interventions series. The program is all about using automotive technology to improve people’s everyday problems. It aims to integrate car technology into general pedestrian life. Who knew that tricks typically reserved for cars can remedy bedroom issues?

Ford will most likely not put up the Lane-Keeping Bed for sale anytime soon. Even still, it’s an interesting, if imperfect, concept. There’s a chance it might never make it to the production line, but it’s a pretty cool idea, still. Unfortunately, though, it also proves that it might take an international car company to solve our bed-hogging problems in the bedroom.