Gearheads who regularly dabble with aftermarket tuning know that the quality of the parts can make or break a build. Folks who have limited knowledge regarding these types of modifications might think it’s purely aesthetics, but hardcore hobbyists know better. HGK is a name renowned by shops across the globe and for good reason. Kicking off the new year is one of their latest machines – the Toyota Supra A90 Eurofighter.

After a lengthy absence, Toyota finally revamped its lineup with the new Supra in 2019. As expected, it was a hit among longtime fans of the platform. Moreover, it also has a cult following in motorsports and drifting circles. HGK want to make things extra special and it looks like the formula is a winner. This Toyota Supra A90 Eurofighter boasts a collection of upgrades that you can purchase to fully kit out your ride.

The complete blueprint gives us a coupe with a kevlar and carbon fiber body. With the overall weight now under control, HGK drops a highly-tuned Toyota 2JZ-GTE powerplant under the hood. This gives their Supra A90 Eurofighter a ridiculous output of about 1,000 horsepower. Those who prefer to go with an LS engine can do so with the appropriate mounting kits available as well.

To complete the powertrain configuration, buyers can choose between a 4-speed or 5-speed sequential transmission from Samsonas Motorsport. Please note that the parts you need to complete this awesome setup are not cheap. The Toyota Supra A90 Eurofighter from HGK is an outstanding example of what is possible when you know what and where to shop.

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Images courtesy of HGK