Toyota finally gave in to the demand when it debuted the latest generation Supra much to the delight of its fans. Meanwhile, Tesla also shocked the industry when it introduced the Cybertruck – a remarkable departure from what it normally manufactures. While each vehicle occupies a respective segment of the automotive market, a design studio has other ideas. Now, what happens when you leave bold digital artists to their own devices? You get something outrageous like the Cyber Supra concept.

This stunning proposal comes our way thanks to FLAT HAT 3D and its resident visionary Ted Li. You’re not getting this type of aesthetic if the designer is not thinking outside the box. Instead, one ends up with something like the Cyber Supra when there are no restrictions in play. Borrowing familiar features from both sides, what we have is a coupe that’s also ready for off-road adventures.

With still more than a year before Musk’s futuristic pickup trucks ship out to Tesla dealerships, consumers crave something similar. Too bad the Cyber Supra is just a virtual representation of what could be a jaw-dropping machine on the streets. We just hope that a shop takes on the challenge and crafts one for real. Until that happens, let’s look at some of the vehicles notable features.

According to FLAT HAT 3D, the angular surfaces of the exterior packs another awesome property. We’re talking about an imposing beast that is also bulletproof. Yes, the Cyber Supra is a fully armored platform ready for the toughest situations. Although it still looks sporty, we’re guessing that there is a substantial upgrade under the hood. Likewise, its profile shows a suspension overhaul, all-terrain tires, and probably and all-wheel drive powertrain.

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Images courtesy of FLAT HAT 3D