Cycling is no longer just limited to paved surfaces, the adventurous spirit of some enthusiasts constantly calls for a challenge. Technically, a standard bicycle or its electric variant can be kitted out for rougher terrain, but many agree the experience is hardly pleasant. If you want to hit the trails, a rugged and powerful e-bike like the HERO should be up for the task.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, you should know this is still in the crowdfunding phase. However, as of this writing, Heybike’s project is already at $195,913 with 79 backers behind its development. The original flexible goal was only listed at $10,000 so it’s safe to say the HERO is likely to move on to the mass production phase soon.

If you’re interested, there are 25 days left before the campaign closes and the discounted deals end. This off-road-ready bad boy relies on a T800 carbon fiber frame backed by a robust 10-year warranty. The step-through design — used by commuter bikes — makes it easy to get on and off. 

A full suspension system means this e-bike will handle dynamic changes in terrain smoothly. Heybike outfits the HERO with an advanced torque sensor that allows the 750W mid-drive motor to adapt in real-time. An 864 Wh battery lasts up to 60 miles on a full charge for uninterrupted fun and exploration.

Spoked rims on both ends are shod in 26″ x 4″ fat tires for reliable traction, shock absorption, and performance. Furthermore, hydraulic disc brakes allow the HERO to stop on a dime. Seamlessly shift between gears with the Shimano 9-speed unit. All integral information can be viewed on the handlebar’s built-in display, while the headlight improves safety at night

Should you prefer a workout, the pedal-assist levels are adjustable to match your effort. “Built for rugged landscapes and epic trails, HERO is your go-to companion for exploring the great outdoors. Get ready to tackle new challenges and discover hidden gems with HERO leading the way,” writes Heybike.

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Images courtesy of Heybike