The Hestra Gloves Wakayama Mitt offers warmth where you need it. It is especially ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who love a snow challenge either through skiing or snowboarding. 

This pair of gloves offers warmth in a vintage design. It’s a retro-inspired mitt with a removable wool terry liner and a fixed fleece liner. On top of that, it packs synthetic Primaloft Gold polyester insulation with a soft, down-like feel for optimum warmth and comfort.

It’s perfect for those whose hands freeze easily so they can keep those digits in working condition. Meanwhile, the outer boasts a classic beauty with a Nubuck cowhide construction. 

Given its removable components, this means the Hestra Gloves Wakayama Mitt is versatile. You can easily adjust it according to the temperature and activity. You can go for lesser warmth if desired. It is also adjustable via a paracord at the width of the wrist or removable tether handcuffs. This way you can dial in your ideal fit to seal the heat in and prevent it from slipping off your hands. 

Moreover, a neoprene cuff on the inside of the wrist adds to a comfortable fit. These hand warmers also come with a wrist strap to prevent the risk of dropping them while you’re riding the lift or choose to keep them close by instead of putting them in your bag or pocket.

Made in Vietnam, the Hestra Gloves Wakayama Mitt only uses high-quality tough materials for longevity. Having removable liners means you can replace the worn-out ones easily and extend the lifetime of the mitt. 

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Images courtesy Hestra Gloves