The Hestia Smartphone Telescope makes exploring the cosmos possible without the need for a high-tech or expensive telescope. Instead, it uses your smartphone’s screen to display celestial bodies captured by your phone’s camera. 

Dubbed the “first-ever smartphone-based telescope,” this ingenious device relies on your phone’s camera to “bring the wonders of the cosmos within easy reach.” It’s easy to use and requires non of the complex setups and the changing of lenses. Simply attach the device to its tripod and align your phone’s main camera with Hestia’s ocular with the help of the mobile app Gravity by Vaonis.

Then you pick your destination and let the app guide you to find it. The Hestia Smartphone Telescope features a patented six-lens optical design with a 30 mm (1.2″) objective and prisms to collect and focus the light directly into your smartphone’s camera sensor. Thanks to a system of removable magnets, it can accommodate all smartphone sizes of current and future smartphones. It also doesn’t require external power to work, just your phone’s power source.

It offers 25x magnification, a 1.8-degree field view, and 30mm aperture. Conveniently, it is travel-friendly at just 500 grams and has a compact size of 6.7 x 9.5 x 2.2 inches. If you’re lost in space, then Gravity by Vaonis helps with its integrated interactive sky map that makes it easy to explore the constellations, recognize the sky around you, and find an object of interest. 

Moreover, the Hestia Smartphone Telescope enhances your captured images using proprietary image processing algorithms that combine and align multiple short-exposure images into a single high-quality photograph. Gravity by Vaonis also notifies you about the ideal weather conditions to go exploring the night sky. 

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Images courtesy of Hestia