Charge your devices on the go with the portable Powerbox, the latest addition to HermanMiller’s Workspace Collection. It comes in a minimalist design that belies its purpose in a shape that makes it feasible to use in multiple orientations.

Designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin of Industrial Facility, this power station gives you the freedom to work anywhere. It’s a portable charging system for small electronic devices like a laptop and smartphone, featuring three USB-C ports and one USB-A port.

HermanMiller’s Powerbox delivers about 250Wh of power, which is more than enough to charge three 70W laptops simultaneously. Four LED dots at the top light up to indicate the battery level. As for its physical design, the team explained that it’s “meant to hold the feeling of ‘battery-ness’ – something solid and reliable that references power (rather than an arbitrary metaphor).”

Moreover, this charging station was designed for sustainability. It uses lithium ion phosphate (LFP), making it cobalt, nickel and heavy-metal free. This way it is less hazardous and boasts five-times longer life cycle. Meanwhile, its housing comes from a single 100% post-consumer ABS plastic that meets all CE regulations and designed to be serviceable and dismantlable.

Furthermore, HermanMiller’s Powerbox has a tracking device holder for easier facility management. It allows you to keep track of the units digitally, see its location, analytics, and power level through a companion smartphone app. This power station gets docked in companion Powertrays where it can recharge overnight and designed to fit on the OE1 Storage Trolleys to power large electronics like speakers, monitors, projectors, and more.

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Images courtesy of Industrial Facility