Much like when a luxury-tier restaurant serves food, the presentation matters a lot for the customer. Not only does it show off the skills of the chef and the service crew, but it does add flair to the meal. Approaching its latest creation in the same manner, the renowned French cognac distiller is delivering one hell of a showpiece. This here is the Hennessey X.O x Frank Gehry Masterpiece. The name describes exactly what it intends to be – a masterpiece.

Tapping the talents of famed architect Frank Gehry, Hennessey is asking for a jaw-dropping tribute for its 150th anniversary. He gladly delivers in the form of something spectacular, which blends multiple sources of inspiration into one decadent decanter. It arrives in the form of the iconic Hennessey X.O bottle with a showstopping exterior.

He notes: “It was an honor to be asked to celebrate this milestone for Hennessy X.O. While I was excited, it was also daunting because a bottle of cognac is already a work of art—one you can smell, taste, and feel—it doesn’t need embellishment as it’s already there.” This tells us the amount of respect he has for the Hennessey Maison. Thus, the craftsmanship he imparts on the Frank Gehry Masterpiece is equally stunning.

One must view it closely as the familiar silhouette of the Hennessey X.O cognac bottle is not immediately visible. Instead, what immediately draws you in is the bronze sleeve and its 24k gold coat. The uneven and shiny surfaces supposedly symbolize the “radiant movement of water.” Meanwhile, the final layer is what they call “fractured glass glorifier.” Only 150 examples of the Frank Gehry Masterpiece will be available to commemorate 150 years of this world-class spirit.

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Images courtesy of Hennessey