Demand for American whiskey has never been on a downward decline. As such, distillers are always trying to push the envelope when it comes to their own whiskey products. If they can’t make the drink itself better, they’d make some refinements to the finishing and bottling. All for the sake of keeping this fine spirit as fresh and modern as it can be.

Enter Woodford Reserve’s Baccarat Edition whiskey, a Kentucky bourbon that’s finished in XO cognac barrels. It’s nothing innovative by any means drink-wise, to be sure. However, this marks the first time American whiskey will be bottled in a Baccarat crystal decanter. That means Kentucky bourbon is starting to get really fancy and is now dipping its toes in the business of collectible scotch whiskeys and fine cognacs. To keep things even more classy, Baccarat also designed a special decanter bottle. It comes with the French crystal maker’s iconic red box with display doors. That and a crystal stopper bearing Woodford Reserve’s initials.

This will be a travel retail exclusive, mind you — yes, that means you have to go to an airport to be able to purchase one. The partner companies have yet to share more information, like just how many bottles they’re planning to sell, but they did make it clear that it will be limited.

The first set of bottles will appear in May 2019, and if you want one you have to act fast: This Baccarat bottle will be available for exactly a year only. The Woodford Reserve Baccarat Edition, again, is Duty Free only and will run you $1,500 per bottle.