After a thrilling teaser in 2020, Hennessey Performance announces that the production of the Mammoth 1000 6×6 has officially begun. The shop might not be the only one out there with 6-wheeler in the lineup, but it’s the specifications that stand out. Much like its other projects, owners can look forward to jaw-dropping upgrades and refinements.

The Texas-based group notes that the Mammoth 6×6 is its biggest pickup truck yet. They have been in business for about 30 years and it’s the first time we see something like it. Since this is Hennessy Performance we’re talking about, clients are expecting a machine that’s nothing short of spectacular.

As noted by the company, “everything is bigger in Texas – New Hennessey 6×6 is terrifyingly imposing, monstrously capable, and unthinkably fast.” The truck measures 23.6 feet long, 7.4 feet wide, and stands close to 7 feet high. The Mammoth 1000 6×6 practically towers almost every other car or truck on the road.

As with any of their builds, it starts with a donor vehicle. In this case, we have a 2021 Dodge RAM TRX. Hennessey Performance then tunes the 6.2-liter supercharged Hellcat V8 to output 1,012 horsepower and 969 lb-ft of torque. This marks an increase of 300 horsepower and 319 lb-ft of torque over the stock power plant.

A third axle enables its six-wheel-drive system and adds a little over four feet to its length. The Mammoth 1000 6×6 features Bilstein suspension systems and rides on 20-inch wheels shod in 37-inch off-road tires. The rear and front bumpers are new, with the latter packing a custom LED light bar. Finally, the interior receives the bespoke touch of elegance from Hennessey Performance.

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Images courtesy of Hennessey Performance