Office productivity is often lost to the many noises, distractions, and mingled conversations that abound in some workplace environments. As a possible solution to the problem of being constantly interrupted as you work, Ukrainian company Hochu Rayu has developed the privacy-enhancing Helmfon Isolator Helmet ($NA).

The Helmfon is a mini-environment that uses its large domed shape to block excess light and peripheral sight. It is lined with sound-absorbing foam to eliminate outside sounds. When worn, the helmet sits on your shoulders providing a wide frontal opening that gives greater visual focus on the work in front of you, be it computer or other workstation. Within the spacious confines of the helmet lie both speakers and a microphone so that video conferencing or face-timing is clear and free of ambient noise.

However useful a tool like the Helmfon may be to improving your time spent on the job, there begs the thought of how this micro-office around your head might be personalized.