We’ve been sharing how FlexiSpot is helping our posture and ergonomics while working, but the company’s catalog is brimming with other premium pieces of furniture. Just in time for its brand day campaign for 2024, it’s the perfect opportunity to shop for a new addition to your living room or man cave. With an awesome selection of items geared toward productivity, it’s easy to overlook their dedicated lineup of recliners designed for top-notch relaxation like the Lotus XC6

Unless your office has enough floor space to accommodate another large chair, it’s preferable to have this at home. At a glance, this easily becomes anyone’s favorite seat in the house courtesy of its inviting aesthetic. Unlike the standard form factor, everything appears cohesive. The gentle curves of its silhouette flow seamlessly and are ready to cradle you in plush comfort.

Some of us were tempted to literally hop on as kids do because we have that much faith in FlexiSpot’s build quality. However, everyone decided not to given recliners are not meant for crazy mischief like that. Instead, like civilized individuals, all had their turn during breaks to try out the Lotus XC6. 

Judging by our longer-than-usual naps, it’s living up to what the manufacturer is advertising. Details supplied tell us the construction features a durable metal frame wrapped in high-quality woven fabric. Premium foam lines the spaces in between and is shaped to accommodate various sitting positions such as “upright, sideways, or crossed legs.”

The Lotus XC6 lives up to the very definition of its type of furniture with a backrest that can recline up to 145 degrees. Likewise, a footrest automatically deploys to provide full-body support. A sturdy round base allows it to swivel 360 degrees and a robust rocking mechanism makes it feel like you’re on a cloud.

To accomplish light tasks while seated on this chair, FlexiSpot’s height-adjustable H5M side table is the perfect match. Ideal usage scenarios include sleeping, watching TV, playing video games, reading, and other recreational activities promoting relaxation.

Keep items like books, controllers, remotes, and other stuff within reach courtesy of a pop-out storage compartment under the left armrest. FlexiSpot ships the Lotus XC6 as two packages with some minor assembly required.

Purchase Your Lotus XC6 anytime between May 13 to May 17, 2024, for a substantial discount and a chance to win free orders throughout the brand day campaign.

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Images courtesy of FlexiSpot