The Compatto Rotating Office Murphy Bed with Desk by Expand Furniture “redefines your office with multi-functional elegance.” It offers a solution for those with limited interior space to fit both a bedroom and an office area as it serves both in a modular design. 

Its name is very self-explanatory as it revolves to reveal a Murphy bed on one size with a queen-size Italian Oeko-Tex memory foam mattress and a horizontal folding office table on the other side with a few shelving to display items or mount dual monitors, small format computers or all in one iMacs.

Aside from a work table and a bed, the Compatto Rotating Office Murphy Bed with Desk also incorporated power cord access. Cords can run through openings built into three of the upper shelves as well as at the top of the rotating face panel. The wall can also handle television sizes of up to 75″ aside from computer monitors.  

When it’s time to sleep, simply fold the desk closed and rotate to access the bed. The desk also doubles as a 4 seat dinner table. This is a DIY project though that allows customers to choose from different single or two-toned wall bed panels. Expand Furniture supplies the mattress which is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, breathable, eco-friendly, and has a removable lining. 

The bed on the Compatto Rotating Office Murphy Bed with Desk is strong and durable, as it can hold a weight of up to 200 kg and can fit a height up to 7 feet. Expand Furniture also offers a five-year warranty on wall bed hardware. This bedroom/office setup certainly saves up space and is ideal for those tiny house living aficionados.

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Images courtesy of Expand Furniture