If you occasionally imbibe in fine spirits, then our regular updates on what’s trending should help. So far, there has been a noticeable uptick in interest in American whiskey. With such a huge selection available from every popular label, it can be difficult to track which ones deserve to be sampled. We just got word that Parker’s Heritage Collection is about to launch something special.

This latest bottle is listed as the 17th edition expression from one of Heaven Hill’s many brands. The first-ever entry was a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey bottled at cask strength with an abv of 61.3%. For several years thereafter, the Parker’s Heritage Collection mostly featured various blends and age statements of corn-derived alcohol.

However, there were occasional releases wherein their curated malt, wheat, and rye whiskeys were given a chance to shine. Despite the ever-changing annual drops, the lineup is always considered a tribute to the late Master Distiller Parker Beam. Those who managed to secure one yearly have definitely enjoyed a diverse collection of exquisite spirits.

For 2023, the team wants drinkers to enjoy a 10-year-old Kentucky straight rye whiskey. According to the official product page, the precious liquid is sourced from 142 barrels, particularly those from Heaven Hill’s traditional mashbill composed of “51% rye, 35% corn and 14% malted barley.” Moreover, this is the second rye whiskey for the Parker’s Heritage Collection and is the oldest one so far.

The contents went into their casks near the end of 2012 and were matured in different elevations at their storage facilities. Every 2023 Parker’s Heritage Collection whiskey is non-chill filtered before bottling. The 10-year-old Kentucky straight rye flaunts a hue of cherrywood with aromas of fruity sweetness and spice. Tasting notes reveal cloves, honey, cinnamon, and black cherries with a bold finish of spice and cherries.

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Images courtesy of Heaven Hill