Collecting classic cars can be a wonderful hobby for people with money to burn. Modern supercars or hypercars may be the best choice for some. Nevertheless, the timeless beauty of vintage rides is more intoxicating. Unfortunately, the chances of your favorite model going up for sale is impossible to predict. Thankfully, we have continuation cars like the Healy by Caton.

For the more obscure or rare vehicles of the past, current owners are holding on to theirs for a good reason. Since it’s very difficult to see an Austin-Healy 100 even in the most prestigious auctions, the Healy by Caton is an opportunity of a lifetime. The British firm plans to build replicas of the machine in question.

The revival is limited to only 25 examples. Motoring enthusiasts who know about this and want one should already have their wallets ready. The old-school charm of the original silhouette is intact, but the shop applies some tweaks. They claim the changes are minimal and possibly based on the aspects that the carmaker would also address with modern technology.

Caton is redesigning the exterior to remove unsightly hinges, seam lines, and enhance the aerodynamics. The 3.0-liter four-cylinder engine is lighter with a full steel crank, high-compression pistons, aggressive cams, and larger two-inch twin H8 carburetors. Also, they’re listing the output of the Healy by Caton at 185 horsepower and 195 lb-ft of torque.

The craftsmanship that goes into each Healy by Caton is remarkable. Not only does it resemble the Austin-Healy 100 from almost every angle, but even the interior also strives to match its source of inspiration. Everything from the scalloped steering wheel, Bridge of Weir leather upholstery, and so much more.

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Images courtesy of Caton