People who preordered the Tesla Cybertruck might need to reevaluate their expectations as delays might push its release to 2023. Still, we’re not seeing EV enthusiasts asking for refunds and taking their business elsewhere. Another platform that’s enjoying positive publicity is Ford’s new Bronco. Although an all-electric version is not yet confirmed, a creative designer shares her take called the HEADSPACE.

Ford is offering the latest Bronco in multiple trims, but the Shanghai, China-based Haoyue Jia explores what it would be like as a sustainable pickup truck. The HEADSPACE looks like it can fit another row at the back but touts a single-cab configuration for this concept, instead. The original outline was more on the rugged and chunky side, but it gets a sportier makeover.

A signature characteristic of the Cybertruck is the geometric exterior. Full of sharp edges from any angle, it could be an advanced machine that can cut through the fabric of time. It appears the rumors about Elon Musk being a traveler from the future might be true after all.

Jia gives her concept a more aerodynamic profile but retains the familiar façade of the Blue Oval’s beloved SUV. The wide stance, massive wheels, and chunky tires tell us she has adventurous souls in mind. In one of the images, it shows the HEADSPACE live up to name with a pop-up roof.

We’re guessing it’s a motorized function nomads will love to have on this overlanding behemoth. The wheelbase implies the cabin could be an ergonomic paradise for whoever owns one. Too bad the elongated center console means it can only seat up to two. The HEADSPACE even features invisible A-pillars, which makes it seem like it has a wraparound windshield with a latch opening system.

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Images courtesy of Behance/Haoyue Jia