How often do you meditate? Given the challenges we face on a daily basis, most of us can feel drained and stressed even before the day ends. There is no clear-cut method to achieve a calm state of mind right away, but there are methods to make it somewhat easier. One designer proposes the use of whimsical desktop gadgets called the Headspace Companions.

Chances are most of you have already downloaded popular smartphone apps like Calm and others to help fight against negative mental states like depression and anxiety. It might not work for everyone, so feel free to check out other options. Meanwhile, Pascal Grangier came up with a clever concept users can visually connect with.

“We know meditation is a great way to start our days and a powerful force when it becomes a daily habit. For this project I wanted to support people keeping their meditation rituals and raise awareness about the busyness of their mind,” wrote the designer. The Headspace Companions are presented as small cartoonish figures you can position anywhere within view.

Roughly the size of a small clock, it features two rotary controls crafted out of wood positioned on each side of the Headspace Companions. These can be used to adjust the settings and timer according to your preferred schedule. The feet appear detachable as the flat edges of the frame allow it to stand upright. Renders show various colorways are available.

The forward-facing display shows animated images of your current mental state. It was not indicated how, but we believe it connects to your fitness band, smartwatch, or proprietary wearable to gather the data. Images show a detachable item on top, but there is no indication if this is purely aesthetic or functional. The Headspace Companion seems like a cool novelty toy that doubles as your meditation guide.

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Images courtesy of Pascal Grangier