Are you a light sleeper? Most people are aware of it, while others are not. Studies tell us some individuals are more sensitive to sound even when they are fast asleep. As such, most of them wake up multiple times which leads to poor quality of sleep. Modern solutions to this dilemma usually involve noise-blocking accessories like the new Soundcore Sleep A20.

Who knew that a pair of in-ear wireless earbuds could be the answer to uninterrupted slumber? Think of it as active noise cancelling technology paired with passive noise cancellation material to completely isolate bothersome audio. Soundcore calls it the “4-point noise masking system” which is delivered by the Twin-Seal ear tips.

Don’t jump the gun just yet, because the Sleep A20 earbuds are still not commercially available. However, these are slated for launch on the popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in mid-April. Another benefit it brings to the bedroom is ergonomics specifically for side sleepers. The housing is designed to sit flush with minimal pressure on our ear canals.

“Ultra-soft material covers 100%² of the contact area with your ear’s concha for delightful comfort even when side sleeping,” notes Soundcore. Just like every other TWS earbuds, the Sleep A20 comes with a charging case. Information supplied by the manufacturer says the pair can last up to 14 hours in Sleep mode.

Should you wish to listen to music, the battery life remains at an impressive 10 hours of continuous playback via Bluetooth. We’re practically looking at an estimated total of 80 hours when the Sleep A20 is fully charged. More details should follow when the Kickstarter page goes live next month.

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Images courtesy of Soundcore