Ever dreamed of going to a Safari Getaway? Dream no more. The Four Seasons Golden Triangle, situated in the bamboo jungle of Thailand, should fulfill all your fantasies of provincial escape.

When you hear Safari, you think of gritty, mud-filled adventures. But make no mistake. The Four Seasons Golden Triangle oozes luxury. It’s a retreat the fronts 15 canvas tents with king-sized beds, hand-made copper bathtubs, outdoor rain showers, and private terraces.

Inside each, you’ll find not only an aesthetic replete with the lusciousness of nature, but find also the spirit of 19th century exploration. You’ll see plenty of irresistible details, like hardwood floors, custom bamboo furniture, and a bevy of adventure-inspired antiques. Move up the Deluxe Tents and you’ll find even more to gawk at, including wooden hot tubs that overlook the Burma mountains.

The location itself lends to incredible experiences, like sailing down the Ruak River and befriending some local elephants. Just to chill, you know? If you’re aching for something fancier, you can always relax via an open-air massage at their jungle spa.

These big camping tents at the Four Seasons Golden Triangle are spaced a reasonable distance apart, stretching about a kilometer across the side of a forest-covered hill. They all connect together via a bamboo and brick trail. This design represents the sheer value of isolation, but how connection enhances solitude as well.

To get there, take a flight to Chiang Rai. Travel is around an hour and a half by plane from Bangkok. Several domestic Thai airlines offer daily flights to the location. Enjoy your safari vacation!


Photos courtesy of Four Seasons Golden Triangle