A scooter is probably one of the easiest modes of transport to ride outside of the bicycle. Phat Scooters made it even more so by making it electric just like the HD Phat Electric Scooter.

This newest edition HD features fat and wide wheels for easy balancing and front and rear premium hydraulic suspension for a smooth controlled ride. It has three driving modes to get you driving safely on any terrain: 8MPH, 13MPH, 20MPH. These are within legal limits for the boardwalk, the bike lane, or on the course.

The HD Phat Electric Scooter runs on a rechargeable 19 Ah Battery that charges in four to six hours. The battery has a longer life, three times more than the original scooter battery at 1500 charge cycles. The battery also has a fifty percent slower discharge rate and protected with external coating for less heat conduction. It comes with the standard 5amp charger.

This vehicle has a ground clearance of 5.75 inches, comes with a premium seat with extra padding for a comfortable ride, and a welded 1-piece handlebar assembly for a safe ride. The electronics are neatly hidden to prevent wear and tear and a spring-loaded kickstand means less effort needed to park the scooter.

Moreover, the HD Phat Electric Scooter comes with ultra-bright LED headlight, a powerful 2000W electric motor safely tucked inside the wheel hub, and electronic-ABS hydraulic disc brakes. This trendy and sporty-looking ride can support a maximum weight of 440 pounds and comes with other essentials. These include a phone and beverage holder, wheel lock, rear-view mirrors, and TireJect’s run-flat tire sealant.

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Images courtesy of Phat Scooters