In celebration of seventy-five years of excellence in creating some of the best cameras in the world, Hasselblad Cameras is looking once again at the innovative designs of founder Victor Hasselblad for an inspiring new photographic line. The result is the lenghty-named Hasselblad X1D 50C 4116 Edition Medium Format Mirrorless Digital Camera ($13,000).

Utilizing the mirrorless design with the 50MP CMOS sensor they have significantly reduced the weight of the unit from a standard 35mm full-frame weight (it weighs 725 g). Lens range is enhanced through the high resolution X1D capabilities. The compact 4146 Edition camera comes with three sizes lenses as well as an adapter for working with many other standard lenses.

Add to all that, the temptations of High Definition video functionality, Wi-Fi, dual card slots, and GPS built right in makes this an excellent choice for roving the world in search of photographic art.