Usually, when companies celebrate a major milestone, they do so with a limited-edition release. In fact, these items are most sought-after by collectors of the brand and likewise a good purchase for regular consumers. Hasselblad is releasing the 907X Anniversary Edition Kit and this might be the upgrade you are waiting for.

Anybody who knows a thing or two about photography should recognize the quality and performance behind the Swedish camera company. The 907X Anniversary Edition Kit honors Hasselblad’s 80 years of imaging excellence. Longtime users and fans of the manufacturer are sure to love the design.

Going for a classic aesthetic, the silhouette is a throwback to one of its most iconic cameras – the SWC. They are going for a muted tone here, which is probably the closest we can get to a blackout version. Aside from the black leatherette sections, most of the surfaces sport a matte finish.

Hasselblad then executes the trims in Lunar Grey with striking results. Another notable element is the commemorative plate on the left side of the camera. Just below the branding, it reads “since 1941,” while the “Hasselblad” script is visible on the body and optical viewfinder.

Meanwhile, the right flank of the 907X Anniversary Edition Kit body features an “H” badge. Every visual detail of the camera evokes nostalgia – a key characteristic that bolsters its appeal. It is armed with a large medium format 50-megapixel CMOS sensor.

The 30-mm wide-angle lens comes with intricate engravings. Hasselblad points out that this is their modern replacement for the Biogon 38 mm wide-angle lens of the SWC. The 907X Anniversary Edition Kit ships ready to use out of the box, but you can always add more accessories. and only 800 examples will be available for purchase.

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Images courtesy of Hasselblad