Whenever Cartier unveils a new jewelry lineup, people who are into the finest things in life are bound to find one or two to their liking. Everybody knows the establishment caters to the elite and their demand for unique and cost-prohibitive pieces. As such, the French luxury goods group managed to craft an opulent accessory simply dubbed the Carabiner Watch.

Reports tell us this bedazzled timekeeping instrument is tagged under the celebrated maison’s Polymorph collection. It’s not completely unheard of for jewelers to draw inspiration from the most unlikely of items. Individuals who participate in sports and other activities that typically involve ropes or cables understand just how essential the tool in question here is.

For those wondering, Cartier’s Carabiner Watch is not your traditional timepiece. Its design and configuration should be a dead giveaway that this is impossible to wear on the wrist. Instead, the gemstone-clad trinket is attached to a handbag, belt, or wherever the owner wants it to be. Nevertheless, there’s more to it aside from just another fancy bling.

If you can ignore the sparkle of the stones for a moment, there is a fully functional quartz movement within the case. However, its ability to tell the time is overshadowed by everything else that glitters. Sources speak of a dial lined with diamonds, framed by emeralds and sapphires. A single ruby designates 12 o’clock with sword hands to point at the indices.

Meanwhile, beads of turquoise, black spinel, chrysoprase, onyx, and lapis-lazuli beads flank it on both sides. A sapphire cabochon is notably surrounded by diamonds and channel-set rubies. This element stands out for a reason as it forms the top of a button to open the hinge. The Carabiner Watch may seem gaudy, but Cartier understands exactly how to appeal to its clients.

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Images courtesy of Cartier