If you want a no-frills sling bag that doesn’t skimp on style nor quality, the Hard Graft Valet is an excellent option. It’s expertly crafted, robust, and stylish but not too luridly show-offy. Which is to say you can turn it into your everyday essential even if, say, you’re not wearing something necessarily stylish.

In essence, the Valet Pack is a valet tray you can wear. It’s a little to wear as a bag, but chances are you’re not really keen on looking like most men. You ache for a bit of flair just to spice it up a bit. At this, the Hard Graft Valet Pack is a perfect choice. It’s compact and is a great way to take the bulk off your pockets. Your phone, keys, pack of Virginia Slims all fit snugly inside. Just throw them all in, zip it, and sling the thing on your shoulder. Alternatively, you can use the strap as a grab handle for hand-carry.

As for the construction, the bag features chestnut-colored Italian veg-tanned leather. It’s pretty robust, as we’ve previously mentioned, and is 100% made of wool felt form Germany. Suffice it to say that this leather bag is as high class as you can get. But in a way that catches onlookers’ attention, instead of demanding it.

If you like being stylish without standing out too much, this is the way to go. It looks cool, is well made, and strikes the perfect balance between form and function. It’s definitely out there, though, but just a teensy bit.


Photos courtesy of Hard Graft