If you’re still using cables to juice up your phone, maybe it’s time you stepped into the 21st century and got yourself a wireless phone charger. And if you’re not very attracted to the lifeless pads available on the market, the Halo Wireless Phone Charger is a refreshing alternative you should consider.

Made of a block of solid wood, this multifunctional gadget allows you to use it in various positions, but also work with your phone while it’s charging wirelessly via Qi technology. The device is compatible with both built-in Qi wireless charging phones such as the iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S7 and external wireless receiver modules, which can be added to the majority of smartphones.

A nano suction ring keeps Halo firmly attached to any flat surface, while its shell –covered with natural oil finishes, available in different shades from brown to charcoal black– adds a warm touch to any environment.

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