HALO is a new and innovative bottle opener that boasts a shiny finish and unique design. It reinvents the meaning of a compact and portable bottle opener.

This piece of metal, made from stainless steel, undergoes nine different manufacturing processes to achieve its sheen. This includes hand polishing so you get that shiny, eye-catching reflection with every twist and turn.

The HALO features an elegant toroid shape with two strong continuous lips and it fits perfectly on a bottle’s neck. This way, you can easily find it when it’s time for your next round of refreshments. It sits nicely on the neck and works as any of its kind does. Its shape allows for bi-directional opening movements: you can flip open a cap with a swift upward or downward motion. Moreover, its unique shape adds an intriguing and playful sculptural display as it allows the opener to carefully balance on top of a bottle.

There are three finishes for now including PVD (physical vapor deposition) Gold that greatly enhances the durability of the opener using a combination of metals produced when a solid material is vaporized in a vacuum. Then there is the polished Stainless Steel, which is HALO in its natural state, hand-polished to create a mirror-like exterior. Lastly, the Black Oxide has a silky matte appeal thanks to the formation of magnetite on the surface.

The HALO can make a fine addition to your bar and invite curious glances. Its beautiful aesthetics will surely make this beer bottle opener a conversation piece.

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Images courtesy of HALO