Every automotive concept artist loves to work with vehicles from their favorite marques. For example, Hakosan Design turns to Porsche’s stable to look for models to turn into templates for his custom builds. The last one we featured was a 993 that was turned into an electric rally race car. Now, the studio unveils its latest machine – the 935 in two flavors.

Why settle for one when you can have more, right? At least that’s what we believe Luis González was thinking during his creative process for the 935. First up, the track-focused build of the duo comes with an aggressive body kit. The latter is likewise adorned with sponsorship livery.

Flared fenders for the front and open on the rear with winglets accommodate wheels shod in Michelin Pilot Sport slicks. These also come with aero disc covers. The exterior flaunts a coat of fuchsia and navy blue with exposed forged carbon fiber surfaces.

In an Instagram post, Hakosan Design states, “if we saw the 935 in the 991 generation, why not in the 992? This time much more radical and retro modern, ready for the track.” What follows is the street-legal version of the 935. The body’s aero is dialed back a bit but it retains the massive rear wing.

The first thing you’ll notice is the absence of graphics, save for the Porsche branding on the windshield just below the roofline. The light metallic gray paint features neon yellow trims on various parts of the 935. We also notice that it rides on a set of black Rotiform rims wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S tires.

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Images courtesy of Hakosan Design