The Habitas Bacalar is for those who want to disengage from modern society in a remote and peaceful setting. This retreat located in  Bacalar, a small town on the Yucatan Peninsula in southern Mexico, is for the wellness-minded and eco-conscious. 

Hospitality management group Habitas described this newest opening as their “holistic oasis for recharging the body, mind, and soul. Set between the tranquil lagoon and the Mayan jungle, it draws energy and inspiration from the unique natural power source and “gives back to it in equal measure.”

Habitas Bacalar is a remote hotel with cabanas constructed using sustainable materials. The rooms connect with nature and provide guests with comfort and tranquility. They look out to views of the lagoon with crystal clear water and to the Mayan jungle. This retreat hotel even boasts a two-story restaurant built among the jungle’s treetops and looks out to the lagoon. Guests can enjoy a curated selection of breakfast menus and relish in food made from local ingredients.

Aside from the comfortable cabanas, the hotel also offers guests with various activities and experiences. These include snorkeling, paddle boarding, scuba diving,  and swimming in the crystal clear waters of Bacalar Lagoon. Guests can also visit the ancient ruins of Tulum and Chichen Itza.  

Moreover, Habitas Bacalar provides wellness activities including yoga, guided nature walks, cooking workshops, a Janzu Water Meditatio, and a Private Temazcal Ceremony, to name some. The experiences “tap into the power of nature and guides us into presence, awareness and creativity.” They are available to book year round. 

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Images courtesy of Our Habitas