Hairdryers are a necessity for just about anyone these days but most especially for those in the business of fashion and beauty. But these are actually versatile tools that not only work on hair but also on nails, clothes, paint, and more. The problem with most common hairdyers nowadays, although they are functionally great, is their size. They can be bulky and heavy. But not the H-Club Minimalist Hair Dryer, which packs down small.

This is a foldable tool that transforms into a smaller form to make it portable and travel-friendly. It boasts a unique shape: with a  cylindrical shape for the hairdryer part that is usually interchangeable with other tips. Meanwhile, the handle is movable so it can double as a cover for the tip. You get a smaller unit that you can easily pack inside your bag. Looking at it, it bares a resemblance to a foldable umbrella or water bottle. 

Moreover, the H-Club Minimalist Hair Dryer features sophisticated aesthetic with its soothing color options and sleek design. It comes in Green, Maroon, and Gray all in matte and subdued tones. Its choice of power cord (a USB port) suggest it is rechargeable, which is another plus for convenience.

The H-Club Minimalist Hair Dryer is engineered to protect your hair from heat damage. It lets you adjust the temperature but it heats up fast and does the job fast too. It even allows for controlled styling and help increase hair smoothness. It may be a concept for now but it would make one efficient tool that you would not mind carrying around especially when you’re in one of those bad hair days. 

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Images courtesy of Yanko Design