Bring out your inner gardener with the Gusta Garden Sissi Strawberry planter. It lets you enjoy fresh strawberry produce in the comforts of your home.

Gusta Garden called it “the world’s first strawberry tree” and rightfully so because the fruits grow in tall modular compartments. You can set up the planter anywhere in your home, be it on your porch, the lawn, or even in the kitchen.

The compartments are made in Europe. They are made from recyclable polypropylene and are UV resistant. They are durable and strong to support your ever-growing strawberry tree. These planters assure you of chemical-free yield and fruits that are not rotten or eaten by pests on the ground.

The modular compartments are easy to use. They rotate 360 degrees so you can easily snap the pieces together. Each tubular compartment can hold 2.5 liters of soil. They are self-containing and ensures perfect water conditions in each layer.

The Gusta Garden Sissi Strawberry planter comes in four variations: hanging, classic, infinity, and standing. The classic comes with one tray and six modular compartments and can hold 13 plants. The hanging planter uses wire for support, it has four compartments and can hold nine plants.

Meanwhile, the standing comes with a wooden stand, four compartments and can accommodate nine plants. The infinity has ten compartments and comes with a wall mount, a tray and it can hold 21 strawberry plants. The modular design of the Sissi Strawberry provides limitless possibilities of redesigning or upgrading your planter.

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Photos Courtesy of Gusta Garden