In the world of motorsports, Porsche holds a special place in the hearts of many enthusiasts. Therefore, any news of a special project involving any vehicle under that marque immediately catches our attention. The folks from Gunther Werks are known for reworking stock models from the prestigious carmaker based in Stuttgart, Germany. In fact, what they’re offering is something that the engineers from the manufacturer are not even willing to do. Its latest venture is taking the Remastered 993 and turning it into the 993 EVO-21.

Partnering with the expert from Rothsport Racing, the goal is reducing the weight and setting new lap times on the tracks. Already delivering excellent numbers at Willow Springs and Laguna Seca, it’s apparently not meeting its full potential. Thus, it’s back to the drawing board as they attempt to push it beyond the limit. The target is reportedly to shave off approximately 300 lbs off the Remastered 993.

One of the tweaks we know about is the use of Lexan instead of glass side windows. Moreover, its likewise getting thinner carbon fiber body panels minus the paint. The 993 EVO-21 is likewise receiving a powertrain makeover all in the name of track performance. The team is supposedly tuning the 4.0-liter flat-six thereby producing more power without adding weight.

Meanwhile, the gearbox configuration is now at a closer ratio with a shorter final drive. Finally, to ensure that the 993 EVO-21 squeezes out every bit of power without compromise to handling, a number of aerodynamic adjustments are available. These include wickers, canards, and a three-stage rear wing. Gunther Werks is truly crafting one mean Porsche that will dominate the raceways.

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Images courtesy of Gunther Werks