Stefan Gulas has been designing top-shelf e-bikes for over a decade and, as a flagship entry for his new eponymously named company, he has gone with the ideology that bigger really is better! The Gulas Pi1S E-Bike is a heavyweight at 282 lbs. (128 kg) but the huge 38-hp motor easily helps propel its pedal-assist speed to a whopping 71 mph (115 km/h).

Two battery options are available – the 6.5kWh is good for 78 miles (125 km) of mixed-range operation while the 10 kWh option goes for 124 miles (200 km) per charge. The Pi1S is so tough there are locations where it must be registered as a light motorcycle (125cc class). The greatest drawback to the Pi1S is that it doesn’t have a handlebar throttle. In other words, you’ll have to pedal like a maniac on the highway to have this thing running, but it would surely be a blast!

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