Although still in development, Guardbot offers a glimpse into what the near future of mobile surveillance may look like. This ground-breaking, rugged Surveillance Robot can be your eyes and ears on any imaginable terrain, from rough mountains to water and everything in between.

Available in a variety of sizes, ranging from as small as 5 inches to a hefty 7ft in diameter, the ball-shaped device packs a motorized pendulum that propels the unit forward & backward while allowing it to make 360-degree turns. Guardbot can be controlled via satellites as well as remotely. It can run non-stop for up to 25 hours/charge and reach speeds of up to 9 mph on land and 3 mph in water.

Fitted with two cameras, various microphones, and GPS, this clever robot represents a major advancement in the remote surveillance field. No wonder it is currently being tested by the military for future deployments.

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Photo Courtesy of Guardbot