Symbols are everywhere, some are prominently on display, while others are more subtle. Iconography is popular the world over for various purposes. A convenient and stylish way to get in on the fun is with pins. These are understated accessories you can attach to your outfit, bags, shoes, and more. If you’re interested to order one soon, browse GS-JJ’s extensive catalogue for the ideal one.

The company markets a wide range of products but is known for its outstanding customization services. They’ll meticulously manufacture unique lapel pins, enamel pins, button pins, and more, according to the client’s specifications and design. So, when you have a cool idea in mind, don’t hesitate to get in touch with GS-JJ to come up with an item that suits your requirements.


As noted earlier, the establishment caters to individuals or companies that may require a single or bulk order. GS-JJ notes that their custom pins are great for corporations, organizations (fraternities), events, holidays, awareness, awarding/recognition, fashion, and collecting/trading, among others.

GS-JJ (EnamelPins Inc.) has been in the business for more than 20 years, so you know that your project is in good hands. They have been supplying high-quality goods to world-class brands and even just your average consumer.

Aside from pins, the group likewise produces keychains, cufflinks, challenge coins, belt buckles, stickers, patches, medals, wristbands, lanyards, and the list goes on. Moreover, they are eager to meet even the most discerning expectations.

Purchase with confidence and enjoy 100% customized pins. GS-JJ does not enforce a minimum order policy so you can shop anytime you feel like it. Make sure to regularly drop by their pages to avail of deals such as discounts.

Their team of professional designers will work on your concept until it looks perfect. Unlimited revisions mean you can request as many changes as needed. For those who want a DIY approach, GS-JJ provides a user-friendly online tool. Get the best value and take advantage of their free shipping with worry-free returns.

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As the name implies, these are generally smaller pins that you wear with formal outfits.  As indicated, it attaches to the lapel and can convey any message. It can be purely decorative or for quickly relaying specific information. GS-JJ is all about customization and the combinations are near endless. Nonetheless, they’ve narrowed it down to make it accessible for everyone.


Let’s move on to another type of service provided by GS-JJ that truly takes personalization even further. Basically, what was on offer from their custom lapel pins are all accessible here, albeit with even more options unlocked! As long as the request is within the limits of the fabrication team, they’ll turn your ideas into reality.

Choose from plating finishes, backings, attachments, and packaging of your custom enamel pin. There are even add-ons and upgrades such as glitter enamels, transparent enamels, Fluorescent enamels, and an epoxy dome. Take it one step further with gemstones, spinner mechanisms, slider mechanisms, bobble heads, and hanging chains.


If the previous two are too fancy for you, GS-JJ presents an alternative that’s just as customizable as their enamel counterparts. Button pins or what others also call badges can be attached to clothes, hats, backpacks, and almost everything you can think of.

Instead of engraving or casting the details, these are instead printed and covered with a film to protect the images from smudging and moisture damage. You can have the images on metallic, gold paper, silver paper, kraft paper, Cosmic, sparkle, matte, and glow in the dark buttons.

They can craft it as a rectangle, oval, round, square, and in any silhouette, you can think of. Button pins may not be as premium as enamel pins, but they work just the same.


GS-JJ is certainly not joking around when it comes to personalization. We also love the fact that they do not impose a minimum order requirement for each transaction. Sweetening it further with free shipping is a game-winning move in our book. Hence, those who want to order bespoke lapel pins, enamel pins, and button pins, should check out their websites below for the best deals in town.

Lapel Pins

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