Have you ever received a hand-me-down timepiece from loved ones? If so, what was the make and model? This is a common practice among guys as fathers tend to pass their favorite items to their sons just as their fathers did back in the day. Unfortunately, not everybody gets to experience this. If it is just for the vintage aesthetic, Brew Watch Co. has the Retrographic Relic on offer.

Even when a watch is carefully maintained, metal and leather parts develop a unique patina due to oxidation. Likewise, some of its colored components may also fade over time due to constant exposure to ultraviolet rays from sunlight. These characteristics can make timekeeping instruments look beat up, but many consider them appealing.

Make no mistake, because every Retrographic Relic example is brand new but has been carefully customized to appear as if it has weathered over time. The natural process can take decades, but Brew Watch Co. can replicate it on demand. Given these cosmetic characteristics never repeat, each serialized unit is practically a one-off.

Moreover, the fact that Alton Brown has officially collaborated to make this a reality should bump up the demand for this classy wrist candy.  The pillow-shaped case is made out of 316L stainless steel with an antique bronze PVD plating applied. This was also applied to the case back for a seamless design in addition to the celebrity’s whimsical engraved signature.

It measures 38 mm x 41.5 mm x 10.4 mm with a lug width of 22 mm. A quick-release brown leather strap hand-crafted by the team at BillyKirk is included. Protected by a sapphire watch crystal is an oxidized bronze patina dial which resembles a shot of espresso. Just for kicks a coffee bean is engraved beside the 3 o’clock hour marker.

In charge of the chronograph complications is an unnamed hybrid meca-quartz movement.
“Each watch becomes not just a timekeeping device but a wearable work of art, a collector’s timepiece that transcends the ordinary. The meticulous efforts of the artisans who dared to dream beyond the conventional,” writes Brew Watch Co. about the Retrograph Relic.

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Images courtesy of Brew Watch Co.