It wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that beards are like beasts – they seem to have a mind of their own. You will have to learn to tame the beast, but it is going to take some effort. They all grow differently – they grow with luster during the peak of summer in response to seasonal hormonal changes to be at their most gloriously hairy. And, if you have ever stood in front of the mirror and wondered where that decided ginger streak comes from when you are not red-headed, scientists have discovered a partially mutated gene you can inherit to account for those stray red hairs guys find in their beard.

You can carry your beard in more ways you may know. It goes well with most of your outfits, and you can opt for a right type of hat to add charisma to your personality. You can follow the footsteps of different celebrities – you too can be a scruffy Brad Pitt, who rocked the bucket hat trend.

While your beard does make you look he-man hipster, it offers so many health benefits as well. If you’re not already thinking of going that route, the following benefits may help you make a better decision.

Benefits of beard

Protection against Environmental Effects

A beard protects your face from the harsh effects of the environment and climate and serves as a natural shield. The hair on the lower part of your face is proven to block up to 95 percent of hazardous ultraviolet rays from entering your body. A heavy beard works as the natural protector against harsh beams of sun saving your body from its intense effects. Besides blocking UV rays, a healthy beard also seriously inhibits the reach of bugs and insects on your face protecting your chin and neck from mosquito bites.

Helps in Skin Care

Beards seem to play an amazing role in protecting and caring for your facial skin. Due to the regular use of razors, your facial skin is more likely to develop issues ranging from mild to the intense. Using razors regularly damages the epidermis leaving it hard and dark in color. Razor burn encourages the growth of acne and folliculitis. Infection and ingrown hair in the small cuts due to blunt razors are quite normal and painful too. Growing a beard gives your skin relief from constant micro scratches and saves you from facial issues.

Builds an Aura of Confidence and Supremacy

Beard man carries an aura of confidence and supremacy around him. He seems to be wiser and influential and people often assume he’s more powerful and confident. This aura makes him stand out in the crowd and earn respect from the people around them. A beard marks maturity and higher standards than that of the masses. It can transform your personality and make you look extremely stylish, especially when you also opt for those expensive aviator sunglasses.

Keeps your Skin Youthful and Fresh

A beard protects your facial skin from discoloration and from getting hard and thus keeps it young and fresh for a longer time. The beauty and softness of youthful skin do not diminish with growing age if you protect your skin from the harsh impacts of razors. As growing a beard keeps your skin free from cuts and infections, hinders bacterial growth and blocks ultraviolet rays, your skin remains youthful and fresh.

Keeps Your Body Warm

Beards are a natural thermal for your body in cold weather. It keeps your body warm and resists a cold wind. As a natural barrier, a beard maintains skin moisture to prevent facial skin from getting dried and chapped in winter due to direct exposure to cold in harsh climatic conditions. Just don’t forget your windproof jacket, as your beard is only going to offer a small help when the weather outside is freezing cold.

Protection against Allergies and Bacteria

Your beard and mustache work as a natural filter for your body. The air we breathe in is full of hazardous elements and most of them are not visible to the naked eye. A beard blocks the way for many microscopic bacteria and other allergens present in the air and stops them getting inside your nose and mouth. It also protects your body from many viruses and saves it from developing various allergies. But, this calls for regular cleansing and caring of facial hair. You should follow strict hygiene routine regarding your beard and mustache to inhibit the growth of these captured antigens.

Protection and Cure against Throat and Lung Diseases

As a natural filter, your beard gives maximum protection against the development of throat infections. It helps keep the nasal path clean with filtered air, which does not foster the development of infections and diseases.

If worn permanently, mustaches and beards filtered air to keep the upper respiratory tract clean and free from blockages and particulates to protect against some lung diseases. A full beard is a blessing for guys living or working in dusty places or in harsh climatic conditions.

Protects Against Gum Diseases

Gum diseases are caused by a number of factors including a poor hygiene routine and external attacking elements. Beard and mustaches provide protection against the external factors protecting your gums in much the same way as it protects your upper respiratory tract. So, you can easily save your gums from almost all common gum diseases by maintaining an oral hygiene regime and growing a beard.

Saves Time and Money

Growing a beard saves you lots of time and money. An average man spends almost 3350 hours of his life on daily shaving. Imagine what you could do with the time saved just by getting rid of your shaving regime. Your beard also saves you from spending your precious money on buying shaving creams and other shaving accessories.

Maintaining Your Beard the Right Way

You might have gathered that a beard is much more than a cool facial accessory, but to enjoy the amazing benefits, you need to pay attention to maintaining it properly. Here are some tips to consider:


The fact of the matter is that growing a beard does more than just making you look masculine and attracting testosterone chasers. Not only does it help protect you from skin-related diseases, but it also improves confidence, increases body temperature, and does so many other wonderful things. But, if you’re considering the idea of dropping the razor, be sure to maintain your beard properly. Investing in the right type of beard balm is certainly a big step in the right direction. Keep it clean and take the right care of it to make yourself a proud owner of a gloriously hairy beard.