Pencils are quintessential writing tools for just about anyone. You never know when you might need one on hand so they make a great everyday carry too aside from being an office necessity. But when not in use, it’s best to invest in a durable holder that will protect them. Enter the Grovemade X Blackwing Pencil Kit.

Minimalist in design but great in functionality. It comes in American black walnut construction, with natural linoleum and natural cork foot. It is more than just a stand for you to display six of your pencils. It has a built-in sharpener and tip protection. The sharpener is from machined aluminum with a custom profile German steel blade to create a durable, long curved point that creates smooth results for an unparalleled writing experience. It is easily detachable and comes with a catcher for a mess-free cleanup after use.

Moreover, the Grovemade X Blackwing Pencil Kit protects the freshly-sharpened tips from accidental snips. It has a machined cut out at the base of the stand that securely holds the tip in shape. 

Aside from the stand and sharpener, this great addition to your work setup also comes with 12 custom Grovemade X Blackwing pencils. Manufactured in Japan and assembled in California, the pencils use California Incense-cedar for the base. Meanwhile, the tip uses Japanese balanced graphite (~2B).  They also have eraser ends.

The Grovemade X Blackwing Pencil Kit boasts both a modern and classic silhouette. It makes a great statement piece on your desk and keeps your pencils within easy reach. 

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Images courtesy of Grovemade