One awesome aspect of modern manufacturing technology is how it allows us to enjoy more choices when it comes to lifestyle products. Creativity is no longer hindered by traditional materials such as metal, wood, fabrics, and others. Of course, not everyone wants to have accessories that are considered mainstream. This is where Groove Life steps in.

Not only does the brand make items that look good, but also considers your comfort for all-day use. The company was gracious enough to ship over some samples for us to try out. So far, we can hardly find anything to complain about, unless you really prefer to nitpick on the small stuff.

However, we do think it will feel different when you wear these for the first time. Other than that, it’s all good. Groove life caters to both men and women who desire to stand out from the crowd or keep it simple but stylish.

You can shop three main categories: belts, watch bands, and rings. The latter opens up into even more sub-types which should be enough for even the most discerning consumer. So, sit back, chill out, and let us give you an overview of Groove Life’s catalog.

The Groove Belt

Don’t you just hate it when you need to make fine adjustments to your belt for the right fit? Well, we do too, and Groove Life knows it as well. Now, unless your outfit strictly calls for leather, you can choose from a wide range of configurations to suit your tastes.

Find the right buckle design and match it with the strap of your choice which gives you an almost endless number of combinations. We were pleasantly surprised by the proprietary webbing embedded within the stiff synthetic weave. It provides just the right level mount of stretch for comfort.

The patented buckle is crafted out of A380 aluminum alloy and uses an effortless closure system. With the help of powerful neodymium magnetics, it latches on with a satisfying snap. Tug all you like because it’s not going anywhere. Meanwhile, the elastic secure keeper loop of the Groove Belt tucks the extra flap in place.

Groove Watch Bands

Next on the list is for those who count on traditional timepieces or smartwatches as an essential accessory. Every other brand out there probably sells replacement straps, but what makes Groove Life’s take unique is how they address a common issue when watches are worn for a long time.

Depending on your skin type, prolonged contact, moisture, and lack of air can lead to irritation. To avoid this, Groove Watch Bands sport breathable grooves on the interior surface. Keep your skin fresh even during workouts or in hot weather with the help of this innovative system.

The ones in medical-grade silicone are available for Apple, Fitbit, and Samsung wearables. Meanwhile, the genuine leather/silicone variants are exclusive for the Apple Watch only. Take note that the Groove Watch Bands for Samsung can be used with other smartwatches or watches that use conventional lugs.

Groove Life Rings

Rings are accessories that are sometimes the subject of debate among their users. Depending on the activity, rings – made from metal and other hard materials – can be dangerous. As such, Groove Life uses medical-grade silicone to ensure that it’s safe to wear no matter what you’re doing.

There are several models on offer, but you can also get a customized one for that true one-of-a-kind experience. Once again, integrated grooves on the interior section wick moisture away and make it breathable for long-term use. You can finally say goodbye to the dreaded ring rash.

What they sent over was the Zeus so we can highlight its three-piece construction. The outer layer and breathable inner layer sandwich a patented nylon band with a safety break technology. It doesn’t matter if you go for the thick or thin variant because they all look equally fashionable.

Our take on Groove Life

With the combination of striking looks, superb craftsmanship, and innovative design, Groove Life’s formula is a winner in our book. Throw in breathability and personalization options which makes it even more attractive. If that’s not enough to convince you, then perhaps their “No BS” lifetime warranty will change your mind.

So there you have it. To see more of what they have, just head over to the official website and shop for what you need. There’s sure to be at least one item that you can grab and add to your accessory loadout for the day. Show it off to family and friends so they can also check out what Groove Life brings to the table.

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Images courtesy of Groove Life