Among the hobbies that surged in popularity amid lockdowns is horticulture. Of course, gaming was at the top thanks to the escapism it offers players. Almost everyone we talked to knows someone who started growing plants during the pandemic. It does not matter what prompted you to do so, but we do know that it also needs a bit of knowhow to achieve success. Meanwhile, the Grobo Premium reminds us that technology is here to help.

Unless a green thumb runs in the family, it’s likely you’ve been through a lot of failures. Don’t worry because some of us are also in the same boat. If you really want to learn all the elaborate details about the plant you want to grow, it will take time and some elbow grease. With the Grobo Premium in your arsenal, the process would be a cakewalk.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, do understand that you are still a crucial element in the system. The freestanding vertical form factor of the Grobo Premium allows it to fit even in tight spaces. Additionally, the sleek profile will easily look awesome in any room. It ships out with everything you need to get started.

There are five bottles that contain goodies your smart garden needs, an odor-removing carbon filter, and a coco pod to hold the seed. Use the companion app to select the plant you want to grow and the Grobo Premium takes over. After the initial setup, what’s left for you to do is change the water occasionally. The innovative lighting system and hydroponics will encourage a good yield come harvest time.

Buy – $2,299.00

Images courtesy of Grobo