Unlike many poorly designed multi-tools much larger than it, the GRIPsher Multi-Tool ($35) has a specific usefulness and purpose. Carefully thought out as to what tools might actually be needed and used, the 17-4 Stainless Steel body is extra strong and corrosion resistant. It is carefully weighed to provide the best performance for sure-fingered gripping and manipulation. The rigorous testing guarantees this multi-tool can withstand harsh conditions and strenuous work.

The green, glow-in-the-dark jaws are made of heavy-duty nylon for a firm grasp on the accompanying hex driver set, while the tool’s compact form is small enough to hang on a keychain yet still provide over 20 necessary tools.

Dreamt up by a US Army vet as a perfect small multi-tool for soldiers, the makers of the GRIPsher want to share that dream. Through their “Tools For Troops” program, they donate one special edition all black GRIPsher to an active military service member for every green jawed civilian multi-tool sold. Details in the video.